Advisory on Counterfeit Zilch Products

How to spot a counterfeit/fake Zilch product:

Beware of Drastically Reduced Prices: Counterfeit Zilch products are often sold at much lower prices than official prices as seen on

Missing MRP: Fake Zilch products may have the MRP information missing compared to genuine Zilch products.

Check Packaging and Colours: The label, packaging and fonts of counterfeit products will look different than the original. Pay close attention.

Notice Product Quality: Counterfeit products may not look look, smell or feel like your favourite Zilch product.

Buy ONLY from Authorized Sellers: Zilch products can be purchased on (Our official website) (Seller: ZILCH) (Seller: NYKAA E RETAIL LIMITED) (Seller: Zilch Cosmetics) (Seller: ZILCH COSMETICS PRIVATE LIMITED)

If you notice any fake sellers or have any queries, please write to us at

We are pursuing legal action against fake sellers who sell counterfeit Zilch products. It is important for consumers to remain vigilant and purchase products only from authorised sellers and channels mentioned above.